Our return policy is designed to be easy, adjusted to our customer’s convenience and lifestyle as much as possible. From our part, we are committed to the total satisfaction of our customers. Our wines are stored in a suitable environment, with controlled temperature so that the wine remains preserved and its original properties kept intact. All carriers that work with us are certified and have a good quality of service.

Returning items
If you wish to return the delivered items or part of them, please contact our customer service team within 14 days after your purchase. Wine should not be returned without prior approval from our customer service team. In such situation an email must be sent to the email address including the following:

  • Invoice number
  • The references / product names of the items you want to return. If you would like to return all products included in the invoice, please mention “all items”
  • Reason for return

After receiving our agreement, you can send your items back to our warehouses. Our return address is on the invoice that goes with the products.

Product acceptance conditions
Please check all items in your order as soon as you have received them. If you have received an incorrect product or if one or more bottles are broken or missing, preserve the original packaging and its contents as much as possible, exactly as you found them. If you have the opportunity, take some photos at different perspectives. Then contact us at within 48 hours of receipt. Attach the photographs to the email if you have had the opportunity to take them.
After receiving the email, and in case your order is damaged or partially missing, we will investigate the cause and we’ll send a new parcel with the corresponding missing or damaged bottles.
If it was incorrectly distributed or if you have received an incorrect product, we will ask our carriers to collect the order at your address.

Defective items
If you open a bottle and you find that it is defective, we will exchange it for another bottle whose value is equal or higher. The exchange value is based on the price that was paid for the item that is defective and not on